Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stamp reminder of witch hysteria 350 years ago 8.4.2016

Åland has the questionable honour of having started the great witch-hunt in the Swedish Kingdom 350 years ago. Between 1666 and 1670, a total of seven women were executed in Åland, convicted of witchcraft. 8 April sees a dramatic issue by artist Juha Pykäläinen.
On 5 April 1666, proceedings were instituted against Karin Persdotter from Emkarby. Known as “the wise bitch”, she was accused of practising sorcery; she was thought to be able to find lost items, single out thieves and foresee who was going to die. From whom had she received the gift if not from the Devil? Convicted of witchcraft, she was condemned to be executed by axe and burnt at the stake.
(The) driving force in the Åland witch-hunt was district judge and zealous witch expert Nils Psilander and Bryniel Kjellinius, pastor in Sund. They visited Karin in the Kastelholm jail, wishing to have her “full and truthful confession” so that she could receive the Holy Communion before death. In the end, she informed on 13 women. A total of seven women were executed during this period, including Karin. Many more Åland women were prosecuted and tortured, none of whom, however, were burnt alive at the stake, neither was the so called trial by water ordeal applied. Other forms of “mild torture” were applied such as handcuffs being tightened.

The Åland witch-hunts preceded the outbreaks in both Sweden (1668) and Finland (1669). The last witch trial in Åland took place in 1691.

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