Sunday, May 8, 2016

Aland Nordic stamp 2016 tastefully illustrating buckthorn dessert 18.3.2016

Aland Nordic stamp 2016 tastefully illustrating buckthorn dessert composed by Aland masterchef Michael Bjorklund as a part of 3-course menu.
Michael Bjorklund’s especially composed menu consists of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.
The stamp shows the dessert, buckthorn in three guises with chocolate and vanilla. The first day cover tempts us with an appetizer consisting of poached perch topped with whitefish caviar and dill sauce on the front.
A delicious serving of glazed leg of lamb with summer primeurs forms the main course presented on the back.
Aland cuisine has always been coloured by local farming, fishing and hunting, yet, Aland seamen have picked up influences from around the world at the same time.
Michael Bjorklund is one of the Aland chefs who have contributed to putting Aland cuisine on the map. The winner of the Chef of the Year titles in both Sweden and Finland, he has taken part in several TV cooking shows and authored a number of cooking books.
Located near Kastelholm castle, his restaurant Smakbyn also houses a cafe, a farm shop and a distillery that produces its own brandy from local fruit.
Smakbyn is also one of three Aland restaurants included in the Nordic White Guide 2016 covering the entire Nordic restaurant scene.
Thank you Ella for ths mouth-watering FDC.

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