Friday, April 22, 2016

Traditional Cypriot Folk Art 10.3.2016

The stamps on the FDC feature two different examples of traditional Cypriot folk art. A continuation of  last year's series (please see my post dated 29.10.2015 on this blog).

The 41 cent stamp depicts the art of basket-weaving, the making of baskets and other everyday objects, using raw materials from Cyprus'bountiful countryside, such as reeds, terebinth branches, stems from aquatic plants and so on.

The 64 cent stamp represents the art of wood carving. these are practised by local craftsmen, sculptors of wood. They create decorated items and furniture, such as chests of drawers or trunks for storing, linen, ceilAing beams, long wooden shelves, furniture and church furnishings such as icon and sanctuary screens, doors and pulpits, often adorned with floral motifs. There are also simple representations of animals, birds and geometric patterns.

Thank you Merja.

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