Sunday, April 24, 2016

Olympic Games Montreal 5.7.1976

(20 mil) Olympic Games Montreal – Emblem.
(60 & 100 mil) Symbols of various games.

The 1976 Summer Olympics, officially called the Games of the XXI Olympiad was an international multi-sport event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 1976; the first Olympic Games hosted by Canada. Montreal was awarded the rights to the 1976 Games on May 12, 1970, at the 69th IOC Session in Amsterdam, over the bids of Moscow and Los Angeles. Calgary and Vancouver would later host Winter Olympic Games in Canada. It is so far the only Summer Olympic Games to be held in Canada.
You will recollect that it was during these Games that the 14 year old Romanian girl Nadia Elena Comăneci scored a perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics event.

Thank you Merja.

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