Monday, April 11, 2016

20th Anniversary of the Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Poland 11.10.1963

Ludowe Wojsko Polskie People's Troops of Poland, LWP, was the second formation of the Polish Armed Forces in the East (1943–1945) and later the armed force (1945–1989) of the Polish communist government of Poland (from 1952, the People's Republic of Poland). The official name of those formations were: Armia Polska w ZSRR (Polish Army in the USSR) from 1943–1944, Wojsko Polskie (Polish Troops) and Siły Zbrojne Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej (Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland) from 1944–1952 and from 1952 Siły Zbrojne Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej (Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Poland). The stamps depict:

Eagle and tank
Eagle and jet fighter plane
Eagle and selfpropelled rocket launcher

Thank you Merja.

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