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GOLDEN JUBILEE of SINGAPORE - A Brighter Future Together 05.08.2015


‘A Brighter Future Together’ commemorative stamp set was issued on 5th August 2015 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Singapore’s Independence.

The first stamp set ‘Our Journey Together’ (48 years of independence) which was released in 2013, featured defining moments of Singapore’s past – what we have shared, overcome and achieved together as a nation.
In 2014, the second stamp set ‘I am Singaporean’ (49 years of independence) was launched. It celebrates the unique traits, values and characteristics of Singaporeans and this island that we call home.

The third and final set, ‘A Brighter Future Together’, commemorates Singapore’s 50 years of independence by celebrating our hopes for the future.  
The different themes of the ‘A Brighter Future Together’ Commemorative Stamp Set are listed below:
United As One People
Be it singing our favourite songs or being treated to spectacular performances and fireworks, there is nothing quite like the National Day Parade to bring all Singaporeans together as one people.
A Smart Singapore
We move towards a Smart Nation that connects us through technology, improving the way we live, work, and play, bringing us closer to our families and loved ones.
Hear us Roar
Watch us score, swim and smash! Who says a tiny island nation of five million can’t make an impact on the global stage? After all, a nation that keeps active together, stays together.
Realising our Aspirations
Our education system is the solid foundation upon which our society and the nation’s economy grow. This in turn provides ample opportunities for all of us to realise our potential.
Our Heritage, Our Culture, Our Future
We remind ourselves of our culture, heritage and everything that makes us Singaporean, so that we embrace the future confidently and carry on shaping a better Singapore.
Harmonious at Heart
Through the years we have kept the kampung spirit alive, caring for others in the community. At the heart of our nation is a cohesive and caring society.
A Circular Jubilee Sheet was also issued with four stamps each of Sing $1.30. The stamps depict a A Brighter Future Together.

Thank you Shashi.

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