Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Anniversaries & Events 19.9.1974

(15) Centenary of Swiss Constitution. The Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation of 18 April 1999 is the third and current federal constitution of Switzerland. It establishes the Swiss Confederation as a federal republic of 26 cantons (states). The document contains a catalogue of individual and popular rights (including the right to call for popular referenda on federal laws and constitutional amendments), delineates the responsibilities of the cantons and the Confederation and establishes the federal authorities of government. The Constitution was adopted by popular vote on 18 April 1999. It replaced the prior federal constitution of 1874, which it was intended to bring up to date without changing it in substance.

(30) Badge of Swiss Sport Aid. Swiss Sports Foundation Issue.

(30) Post horn & symbolism. 125th anniversary of Swiss Federal Post: Conveyor Belts, Paths of Mail Transport and Delivery.

Thank you Merja.

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