Friday, March 18, 2016

1960 – The Year of the Refugee 7.4.1960

The famous Raphael's fresco in the Vatican, Fire in the Borgo, which depicts a scene, showing Aeneas carrying his father with his son beside them. The inspiration for the work was the Aeneid, an epic Latin poem which told the life of Aeneas, a Trojan who left his home city and eventually ended up in Italy, where he was a progenitor of Rome. The precise scene depicts the moment that Aeneas carries his father, the elderly Anchises, and his son Ascancius from Troy, after it has been sacked by the Greek army. In his hand, Anchises carries a vessel with his ancestors' ashes, on the top of which are two tiny statues of Di Penates, Roman household gods.

This fresco by Raphael is portrayed on the two stamps issued by Italy in 1960 – The Year of the Refugee.

World Refugee Year was officially launched on 28 June 1959. The idea was initiated by the United Kingdom and approved by the General Assembly in a resolution adopted on 5 December 1958. The basic idea of World Refugee Year was that a special purely humanitarian effort should be made to bring refugee problems nearer to a solution.  

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