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Anniversaries & Events 13.11.1989

My Dear Friend Merja sent me this lovely FDC.

(3c) Earthquake that shook Armenia. It was on the 7th of December 1988 at 11:41am that a minute-long killer earthquake 8 on the Richter scale, followed four minutes later by a sharp aftershock devastated Armenia. The town of Spitak was virtually wiped out and big towns such as Leninagan, Girovagan and 48 other villages were destroyed, leaving at the same time more than 25 000 dead, 130 000 injured and 400 000 homeless.
The chaos of the misery however was followed by n outpouring of International aid, the people and Government of Cyprus included, responded as quickly as the whole of the Soviet Union. Medical supplies, rescue equipment and specialized search teams were flown in. This earthquake was the latest catastrophe for the Armenians who through the ages have been massacred, conquered and divided.

(5c) The Cyprus Philatelic Society joins the International Philatelic Federation.The Cyprus Philatelic Society, which is the only philatelic group of Pancyprian character, was founded on December 5, 1959 by 35 philatelists who gathered for this purpose after an invitation through the press. The Society has its seat in Nicosia and is administered by a 9-member elected board of directors in which all major Cyprus cities are represented. The CPS has been the pioneer of philately in Cyprus and an important factor in the spreading and progress of philately. The incredible increase of its members, estimated to number 1500 in 1989, is a proof of its considerable contribution and activity. It is a member of the International Philatelic Federation since 1987.

(7c) European Cancer Year 1989. Europe has declared war against cancer. If the steady increase of cancer cases that has been noted in the last years continues, it is estimated that by the year 2000, one in three Europeans would have contracted cancer of some form, during the course of his or her life. We know, however, that despite all this, cancer is not any longer something fatal. As it has been ascertained, the frequency of this disease will be contained due to the coordinated efforts of prevention and treatment.
The objective aim of the "European Cancer Year 1989" is the decrease of cancer-caused deaths in Europe by 5% from this year on to the year 2000. Cyprus, in order to stress the importance and need for this European-wide campaign, is issuing a 7 cent stamp. The representation of the stamp expresses the intention and message of the European Cancer Year, in parallel with the efforts in our country, to contain this disease and the optimism that the place of cancer will be taken by the flower.

(17c) World Food Day. October 16 1989 is honoured by all country-members of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as World Food Day. This day, which has been celebrated by FAO since 1981, has evolved into an annual institution and is honoured on the date of this Organisation's founding anniversary in 1945. This year's theme is "Food and the Environment". Announcing this theme to the Ministries of Agriculture of the member countries of FAO, the General Director of that Organisation, Mr. Edward Sauma refers to the great importance of the issue and mentioned, inter alia, the following: "This year's theme is especially important for humanity as a whole for it binds together Agriculture with the idea of self-sufficient development by stressing the need for avoiding degradation and weathering away of the soils, the shrinking of the forests, the loss of the biological balance, the poisoning of food, the unsafe use of agrochemical compounds, the pollution of the water resources and generally the accentuation of poverty in the rural areas".

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