Saturday, January 9, 2016

Stamp Day 2015

This nice sheetlet of stamps featuring The Ford Model TT was given to me by my Dear Friend Ella. The stamps were issued by the Tornio Postal Department in Finland to commemorate Stamp Day 2015. If you look closely you will see the inscription on the right which says "Vijay, these stamps are for you from Ella". How she managed it! - I don't know.

The Ford Model TT is a truck made by Ford. It was first manufactured in 1917. It was based on the Ford Model T, but with a heavier frame and rear axle, giving it a rating of 1 short ton (0.91 t).

Tornio (official name: Tornion kaupunki; in Northern Sami: Duortnus; in Swedish: Torneå) is a city and municipality in Lapland, Finland. The city forms a cross-border twin city together with Haparanda on the Swedish side. The municipality covers an area of 1,348.55 square kilometres (520.68 sq mi), of which 161.59 km2 (62.39 sq mi) is water. The population density is 18.79 inhabitants per square kilometre (48.7/sq mi), with a total population of 22,306 (30 June 2015). It borders the Swedish municipality of Haparanda. Tornio is unilingually Finnish.

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