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Anniversaries & Events 27.10.1983

(3c) 30th Anniversary of E.A.C. The generation of electric power has been a very important factor in the progress of modern society. Electricity was introduced into Cyprus round about 1912 by private enterprises. Later its distribution was undertaken by the municipalities until 1952 when the Electricity Authority of Cyprus was established. With the erection of Dhekelia power station in 1953, Moni power station and Dhekelia II power station, which was completed in April 1983, Cyprus has become self-sufficient in meeting its increasing demands for electricity. The stamp of 3c depicts Dhekelia II power station.
(6c) 1983 World Communications Year. The very great importance of communications for the free contact, mutual understanding and cooperation among individuals and nations has led the General Assembly of the U.N. to proclaim 1983 World Communications Year. The Government of Cyprus, implementing this decision, has established the Cyprus National Communications Committee which among other things has planned various events in order to stress the overall importance of Communications to the people of Cyprus. The stamp of 6c depicts the emblem of the World Communications Day and the flag of Cyprus.
(13c) 25th Anniversary of I.M.O. The important role which navigation plays in the development of human life and the problems which its rapid growth has created - travel security, protection of human life and property, pollution of sea-waters etc. - led to the establishment, 25 years ago, of the International Maritime Organization which now numbers 124 members. Cyprus became a member of the I.M.O. on 21.11.1973 and has ratified all relevant international conventions. The stamp of 13c depicts a composition of modern ships with an ancient vessel in the background.
(20c) 100th Birth Anniversary of N. Kazantzakis. Born in Heraclion, Crete, Nicos Kazantzakis (1883-1957) is considered a great figure among modern Greek intellectuals. With a vigilant mind and conscience and influenced by the Greek tradition and the cultural movements of his time, Kazantzakis became a writer of universal eminence and succeeded in all forms of written expression: poetry, theatre, prose, essay-writing, travel, translations etc. His visit to Cyprus and his concern for its national fate acquainted Kazantzakis with the island. The 20c stamp depicts his portrait.

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