Saturday, November 14, 2015

1977 Belgrade Conference 4.10.1977

The Helsinki AccordsHelsinki Final Act, or Helsinki Declaration was the final act of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe held in Helsinki, Finland, during July and August 1, 1975. Thirty-five states, including the USA, Canada, and most European states except Albania and Andorra, signed the declaration in an attempt to improve relations between the Communist bloc and the West. The Helsinki Accords, however, were not binding as they did not have treaty status. (Please see my post of 29 July 2013).
The concepts of improving relations and implementing the act were developed over a series of follow-up meetings, with major gatherings in Belgrade (4 October 1977 – 8 March 1978), Madrid (11 November 1980 – 9 September 1983) and Vienna (4 November 1986 – 19 January 1989).

This First Day Cover was issued by Hungary with the special miniature sheet on the FDC to commemorate the Belgrade Conference.

Thank you Merja.

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