Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Castles of Cyprus 14.9.2015

On  14th September 2015 Cyprus issued a set of stamps. The stamps in this issue depict four Cyprus castles to be found in the area of the island that has been occupied since the Turkish invasion in 1974.

Three of the stamps in the issue depict castles in the highest remote peaks of the occupied Pentadaktylos mountain range. These castle dominate the sea of ​​Cilicia and along with a number of forts were used to track ship movements in the area.

The € 0,04 stamp depicts Buffavento Castle. This is a Frankish castle, the name of which means "buffeted by the winds".
The € 0,34 stamp shows Kantara Castle, at the eastern most end of the Pentadaktylos range and dominating the north coast of the eastern Mesaoria plain.
The € 0,41 stamp depicts St. Hilarion Castle, that took its name from a monk who lived as a hermit in the area. There are many folk traditions associated with the building and history of the castle and with the beautiful Queen of Cyprus whose home it was.
The € 0,75 stamp shows Kyrenia Castle, built by the Venetians and later renovated by the Lusignans. Under British control the castle was used as a police barracks and as a prison for members of EOKA. Since 1969 it has held the famous "Ship of Kyrenia".  

Thank you dear Merja for this lovely FDC.

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