Friday, September 4, 2015

Australian Sporting Personalities 18.2.1981

Jockey, Darby Munro - 22c 
Darby Munro was one of Australia's greatest jockeys. He was only fourteen years of age when he first rode a winner. He was known widely as 'The Demon' because of his controversial career.
Cricketer, Victor Trumper - 35c 
Victor Trumper was a world class Australian cricketer. He was an outstanding batsman and represented Australia from 1899 to 1914. He developed Bright's Disease in 1914 and died the following year.
Tennis Player, Sir Norman Brookes - 55c 
Sir Norman Brookes was Australia's first world class tennis player. He won the Allcomers' singles title at Wimbledon in 1905 and two years later won the singles, doubles and mixed doubles also at Wimbledon. Brookes was the Australian captain of six winning teams in the Davis Cup. He died in 1968.
Snooker Player, Walter Lindrum - 60c
Walter Lindrum was the greatest billiards player ever known. After making a world record break of 4137 points in 1932 new rules were introduced in an attempt to overcome his superiority. He retired in 1950 and died ten years later in 1960.

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