Tuesday, September 8, 2015

800th Anniversary of the Founding of the town called Vitoria in Spain 4.9.1981

The stamp on the FDC depicts King Sancius VI of Navarre with City Charter, 12th Century Miniature.
In 1181, Sancho the WiseKing Sancius VI King of Navarre founded the town ofNova Victoria as a defensive outpost on top of a hill at the site of the previous settlement of Gasteiz. The existence of Gasteihiz, apparently inhabited by vasconic people, can be traced back to the lower Middle Ages; it is certain that by the 11th century, prior to the foundation of Nova Victoria, the settlement was already walled. It is assumed that Sancho the Wise gave the new city its name in memory of the old settlement of Victoriacum, which must had long since been abandoned. In 1199, the town was besieged and captured by the troops of Alfonso VIII of Castile, who annexed the town to the Kingdom of Castile. The town was progressively enlarged and in 1431 it was granted a city charter by King Juan II of Castile. In 1463, it was one of the five founding villas of the Brotherhood of Álava alongside Sajazarra, Miranda de Ebro, Pancorbo and Salvatierra/Agurain.

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