Saturday, August 8, 2015

World Fishing Exhibition,“Vigo 91” was held at Vigo, Spain 10.9.1991

World Fishing Exhibition is an exhibition dedicated to the fishing industry that is held once every 6 years. World Fishing Exhibition “Vigo 91” was held at Vigo, Spain.

Since the implementation of the EEZs, the Spanish fishing industry directed all efforts into seeking to become internationalized. Privatization of fishing zones gave the search for new forms of management and access to fishing resources urgent priority. The creations of Joint ventures were the formula for understanding between countries with resources and companies owning the technology and the know-how.

This unstoppable process of internationalization was demonstrated at the 1991 WFE in Vigo. Latin American countries such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador or Peru as well as African countries such as Morocco, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, etc. generated the greatest prospects for business. At the same time as they were showing interest for the acquisitions of technology to permit them exploit their own resources, they offered new opportunities for the EC fishing industry. Representatives from Peru or Colombia explained in detail their generous new laws for foreign investors. Other delegations from Burma, Senegal, Nigeria, Venezuela, Mauritanian, India, etc. made open offers for the creation of joint ventures.

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