Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ornately beautiful gold-embossed Swan 8.5.2015

Finnish illustrator and designer Klaus Haapaniemi unveiled his first foray into stamp design on the 8th of May, with the release of his Gold swan.
The stamp’s ornate decorations, rendered in gold foil, are inspired by eastern Finnish and Slavic cultural traditions. Similar patterns can be found in Haapaniemi’s Taika and Satumetsä designs for Finnish homeware giant Iittala.
Haapaniemi’s bird and animal figures were also seen on stage earlier this year in the Finnish National Opera’s production Ovela kettu (Sly fox), with his stage and costume design attracting huge plaudits. London-based Klaus Haapaniemi is considered one of the most significant illustrators and designers of the younger generation. His work with a number of high profile, international brands includes accessories, fashion, prints and advertising campaigns. At the moment, Haapaniemi is particularly in demand in Japan.
Thank you Ella for this lovely FDC.

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