Sunday, May 3, 2015

Åland postal franking labels present beach treasures 2.2.2015

On 2 February 2015, a new 3-year series of postal labels from Åland Post Stamps is launched. The theme is Beach finds and the first motif in the series features a bird feather.
Surrounded by the sea, many interesting finds can be made on the Åland beaches. Some of these treasures have been immortalized by Tiina Tahvanainen, the photographer behind the new Åland frama series. Tiina was cut out for this commission, seeing that the chipped, rusty and aged as well as the worn and torn are recurrent elements in Tiina’s choice of motifs.
“To me, beach finds are magical titbits that are just lying there on the beach waiting to become someone’s treasure. Old clobber is so much more interesting than new stuff. Old things have a history of which you know nothing but of which you can fantasize,” Tiina says.
Thank you Ella.

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