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Intellectual Personalities 10.10.2014

This is the 2nd FDC  with stamps from the Definitive Series on Intellectual Personalities issued by Cyprus in 2014.

(0.41) Loukia Nicolaidou. She was born in Limassol in 1909 and died in England in 1994. She studied painting in Paris (1929) and at the Higher School of Fine Arts (1930-1933) at the Atelier of Lucien Simon. She returned to Cyprus in 1933 and began her artistic creation, opting for European modernism, which had been unknown until then in downgraded artistic environment of Cyprus, instead of the universally accepted naturalism. In 1937 she emigrated to the United Kingdom where she lived in London and then in Penn until the end of 1950s. Her works of art may be found in the State Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art, the Limassol Municipal Gallery, the Popular Bank Cultural Centre and in the artist's private collection in Great Britain.
(0.41) Telemachos Kanthos. He was born in Alona in 1910 and died in 1993. He is considered one of the most significant artists of modern Cypriot painting. He served as an art teacher at the Famagusta Gymnasium (1942-1969). In addition to being a painter, he was a distinguished etcher and stage designer. In his works he depicts life, but also the tragedy of the Cypriot people after the Turkish invasion in 1974. He created from life experience, whatever he was feeling, capturing the eyes of the soul and the heart. He was a pioneer in establishing the Cypriot Chamber of Fine Arts. He expounded rich cultural activity and was one of the first Cypriot painters to have solo exhibitions on our island. His works of art are found in several galleries in Cyprus, Greece and his daughters' private collection in Vienna. He was honoured for his contribution to art by the Academy and the University of Athens.
(0.50) Michael Kashalos. He was born in Assia, in tne Mesaoria, in 1885 and died a refugee in 1974, having been badly wounded by the Turkish army as it invaded his village. Self-taught, he started painting in 1957 and became a great and renowned self-taught artist in his old age. A naive artist, who expresses the beautiful, simple, authentic life and customs of the Cypriot countryside, Kashalos was a painter of the peasantry and surpassed the boundaries of the small island of Cyprus. His works adorn several private, state and other
(0.50) George Pol Georgiou. He was born in Famagusta in 1901 and died in 1972. He studied law in London but did not practice the profession and devoted himself exclusively to his great love: painting. Despite the fact that he was self-taught, his innate talent and artistic genius made him a pioneer and a very remarkable, acclaimed artist. Most of his works of art, characterised by the sense of composition, feature the people and images of Cyprus. He developed one of the most unique and characteristic visual styles in modern Cypriot art. He has exhibited his works of art in many solo and group exhibitions both in Cyprus and abroad. His works adorn a number of collections such as that of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation, the Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art, and collections abroad. Many of his paintings have been enclaved in Famagusta since 1974 and have not been seen since.

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