Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Intellectual Personalities 4.2.2015

(1.00) Georgios S. Frangoudes. He was born in Limassol in 1869 and died in Athens in 1939. An inspired visionary, determined to contribute to the people of Cyprus and Greece, he established the Panteion School of Political Sciences in Greece and was a professor and its first headmaster. He studied law at the University of Athens and at the School of Political Sciences in Paris. He was also the Chairman of the Association of Patriotic Cypriots" in Greece. He was a Member of Parliament and Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament and made a great effort to modernise the Hellenic state. In addition to his political activities, he was actively involved in journalism, advocacy and education. In 1901, to promote Cyprus and its traditions, he organised a Cypriot exhibition at Zappeio in Athens. He edited the "Metarythmisi" newspaper in Athens and, due to his scathing articles against those who resisted reform, there were two unsuccessful attempts on his life. He is the author of several studies, literary articles and a significant body of translated work.

(1.00) Porfyrios Dikaios. He was born in Nicosia in 1904 and died in Heidelberg in Germany in 1971. He studied Archaeology at the University of Athens and at the Sorbonne and in Lyon. He was assistant curator at the Cyprus Museum at the age of 25 and from 1951 to his retirement in 1963, he was Director of the Cyprus Antiquities Department. After his retirement, he taught at Universities in America and Heidelberg. His extensive excavations started in 1951 and covered many areas and archaeological sites in Cyprus (Choirokitia, Filia, Vouni, Engomi, Kalavasos, and Sotira). The findings of his excavations in ancient Engomi were published in four volumes in Germany between 1969-1971. He wrote many archaeological articles and studies on the findings of excavations and gave numerous lectured on pre-historic Cyprus at many Universities in Europe, the USA and other countries. He held a number of honorary titles and was a corresponding member of the Heidelberg Academy.

(1.50) Nicos Pantelides. He was born in Nicosia in 1906 and died in 1984. He was a comic actor of the Cypriot theatre and spread laughter with his inherent talent. At the same time he excelled as a director. He is considered a pillar of Cypriot theatre. His performances, as a member of the cast of the Papademetri troupe and "Thiaso Yeliou" (which he founded) in the 60's, were remarkable. He also excelled in the cinema, acting in six films in his time. He was a key member of the Cyprus Theatre Development Organisation (O.TH.A.K.), which merged with the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus after 1961, playing important roles in memorable performances. He cooperated with CyBC, taking part in "Theatrical Memories" in 1972, in Cypriot sketches, televised series and other programmes. He was highly respected by theatre lovers and his colleagues who appointed him Chairman of their Association.

(1.50) Pavlos Xioutas. He was born in Kato Paphos in 1908 and died in 1991. He studied literature at the University of Athens and worked as a teacher in many schools. A scholar, author of many works and folklorist, he left behind a remarkable body of work. He was a very progressive person for his era and he truly loved the common man of Cyprus. He had innovative ideas for his time. The cypriot people owe him much for the survival of these proverbs (Sayings). In his rich three-volume work, he collected, presented, classified and analysed more than 1500 Cypriot sayings. He was actively involved with the people and fought against British colonialism. He was the leader in establishing the Society of Cypriot Studies in 1936. He translated works of Ancient Greek writers. In 1983 the Academy of Athens presented him with an award for his thesis on "Cypriot Folklore of Animals".

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