Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bridges in Finland 23.10.2014

The October releases also include a 100-piece roll of stamps, and that to by popular demand, features more motifs than before: no fewer than 10 different 1st-class stamps. The stamps depict Finnish bridges and waterways in different times of the year and day, photographed by Jaakko Tähti.
The spectrum of bridges ranges from small arch bridges in parks to major traffic bridges. The bridges in the stamps have been photographed in the following locations: Jyväskylä, Punkalaidun, Pihtipudas, Tampere, Vaajakoski, Viitasaari, Porvoo, Säkylä, Raippaluoto and Kärnänkoski. The graphic design of the Bridges and Waters stamps comes from a duo of experienced designers, Ari Lakaniemiand Susanna Rumpu.
Thank you Ella for this very lovely FDC.

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