Saturday, September 13, 2014

Events and Anniversaries in 1979

These three stamps were issued in 1979 by Liechtenstein to commemorate certain important events.

(a) The first stamp of 80 Rp was about Liechtenstein  Joining the Council of Europe. Liechtenstein acceded to the Council of Europe on 23 November 1978. On 13 December, the Council formally adopted the decision making Liechtenstein the 26th member of the Schengen area. On 19 December, border controls with that country will be lifted.

(b) The next stamp of 100 Rp was about Foreign Aid.

© The third stamp of 50 Rp was to commemorate The 50th Anniversary of the International Control of Radio Communications, CCIR. The International Radio Consultative Committee or Comité Consultatif International pour la Radio (CCIR) was founded in 1927 as part of the International Telecommunication Union at a conference in Washington, D.C.

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