Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Dudesons' anti-bullying campaign 1.4.2014

The Dudesons stamps were issued on 1.9.2014 to fight school bullying and they also feature practical jokes
The cartoon-like stamps are part of the Dudesons' anti-bullying campaign. Since it's the Dudesons, the stamps also feature practical jokes.
The look of the Dudesons stamps has been created by graphic designer Janne Korsumäki in collaboration with Rabbit Merchandising Oy. In line with the theme of the stamps, the Dudesons are depicted as schoolchildren in full swing at school. Typical humor of South Ostrobothnia, the Dudesons' home province, is also showcased in the Priority labels, for instance.
Four golden rules for practical jokes. On the basis of their personal experiences, the Dudesons have concentrated their energy on fighting school bullying. Jukka was a bully himself, a fact that he now says he is deeply ashamed of. "I was a lively boy and did not understand that I was bullying others. Luckily, I was given a talking-to and I understood enough myself to stop bullying," Jukka says. For his part, Jarno has been bullied and knows what kind of wounds bullying leaves in one's soul for a long time. 
To brighten schooldays, the Dudesons recommend practical jokes instead of bullying. Daily practical jokes are all very well for keeping up good spirits as long as one remembers not to take the jokes too far. In fact, on the reverse side of the miniature sheet, there are four golden rules for practical jokes as a reminder for everyone:
Never play a joke on a kid weaker than you.
It's not a joke if you're not all laughing when it's done.
Don't play jokes on the same people all the time.
Never turn a blind eye to bullying.
The Dudesons have noticed that they clearly have enough credibility to talk about school bullying to young people. "It surely seems that they all, even the toughest cases, are listening to us," Jukka says. 
Jarppi points out that bullying also occurs in other places than just school. "Bullying generates negative energy and torpedoes good things at workplaces, for instance. People need to identify cases of bullying in their own life in order to be able to intervene.
Thank you Ella for this lovely FDC.

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