Monday, September 22, 2014

Bophuthatswana - Platinum in the chemical industry

Four postage stamps commemorating platinum, issued on August 15, 1979, are of particular historical interest. 4c stamp shows pouring of platinum and an African worker, 15c, 20c and 25c  stamps summarize the importance of platinum in the chemical industry, in telecommunications satellites and in jewelry. The stamps were issued by Bophuthatswana, a bantustan (homeland) in the Republic of South Africa.

At the time, Bophuthatswana consisted of seven enclaves dispersed in northwest South Africa. The homeland was set up to house Setswana-speaking peoples, with its capital, Mmabatho, situated in an area bordering Botswana. Bophuthatswana was given nominal self-rule in 1971, and became independent on December 6, 1977. A head of state was appointed by the South African government, but the new country was not recognized as independent by any government other than that of South Africa and Israel. In 1983, it had more than 1,430,000 inhabitants. Two attempted coups were suppressed by South Africa.
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