Saturday, August 23, 2014

Singapore 13.7.2013 - City in a Garden

13 July 2013, Singapore - At the opening of the Festival of Biodiversity at VivoCity President Tony Tan Keng Yam launched a new book showcasing Singapore's development into a City in a Garden, and a special set of biodegradable stamps affixed with seeds to commemorate 50 Years of Greening Singapore. A new National Parks Board's (NParks) initiative, Greening Schools for Biodiversity, was also launched. This initiative enables schools to assess and enrich the biodiversity in their school compounds. The Festival of Biodiversity, organised jointly by NParks and the Biodiversity Roundtable, is an annual celebration of the community's efforts to conserve Singapore's natural heritage.

President Tony Tan said, "Singapore has come far in balancing biodiversity conservation and urban development. The garden environment and green spaces contribute to an enjoyable and livable environment in which Singaporeans can live, work and play. These are the results of deliberate and sustained efforts that began 50 years ago. I am heartened to see that many Singaporeans are taking ownership of our City in a Garden vision, and helping to conserve Singapore's natural heritage for the benefit of future generations."
For the first time, Singapore Post Limited has released a special set of four biodegradable Commemorative Stamps with seeds. Titled Our City in a Garden, the beautifully illustrated stamps comprising 1st local, S$0.50, S$0.80 and S$1.10, portray Singapore's vibrant urban landscape nestled within a thriving garden.

The 1st local stamp is affixed with the seeds of the Portulaca grandiflora (commonly known as moss-rose) for planting. A small-sized herbaceous creeper, the Portulaca grandiflora is a common sight in Singapore.

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