Thursday, August 7, 2014

Singapore 12.9.2013 - Singapore-Vietnam Joint Stamp Issue – 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Singapore and Viet Nam, a joint stamp issue on birds was launched. This is the second joint stamp issue between the two countries.

Beautifully portrayed in this joint stamp issue are the Grey Peacock Pheasant and the Red Junglefowl.

Depicted on one stamp is the Grey Peacock Pheasant which is drawn by To Minh Trang. It has greyish brown plumage with dark blue circles and white rings. Each tail feather has two green “eyespots” or ocelli which are especially prominent in the males. The Grey Peacock Pheasant also scientifically known as Polyplectron bicalcaratum is a medium-sized pheasant found mostly in the lowland and hill forest of Assam and Southeast Asia. It has greyish brown plumage, adorned with dark blue circles and white rings. Distinctive features of this bird include white cheeks and throad. Each tail feather has two green "eyespots" or ocelli, which are especially prominent in the males. Females are smaller, with darker and duller plumage.

Female grey peacock pheasants are smaller, and have a darker and duller plumage.

The second stamp featured the Red Junglefowl which is drawn by Eng Siak Loy. The cockerel has striking plumage, ear wattles and a majestic red comb. The hen in its streaky brown plumage is less spectacular. The Red Junglefowl scientifically known as Gallus gallus is widely touted as the wild ancestor of the domestic chicken. The cockerel has ear wattles and sports a majestic red comb. Its plumage is bright gold or bronze with hues of blue, purple or green on the tail. The hen is less spectacular, with streaky brown plumage. Red Junglefowls are able to fly up in trees to roost at night, and to escape ground predators.

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