Saturday, August 30, 2014

1983 EUROPA CEPT - Historic Events - Notker of Saint Gall 7.3.1983

The theme for CEPT stamps in 1983 was "Historic Events". Liechtenstein decided to honour Notker the Stammerer (Notker Balbulus) ( 840 – 6 April 912), Also called Notker INotker the Poet or Notker of Saint Gall, was a musician, author, poet, and Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Saint Gall in modern Switzerland. He is commonly accepted to be the "Monk of Saint Gall" (Monachus Sangallensis) who wrote De Carolo Magno, a book of anecdotes about the Emperor Charlemagne.
Notker was born around 840, to a distinguished family. He would seem to have been born in the modern canton of Saint Gall in Switzerland.  He became a monk there and is mentioned as librarian in 890 and as master of guests in 892–4. He was chiefly active as a teacher, and displayed refinement of taste as poet and author. 
He completed Erchanbert's chronicle, arranged a martyrology, composed a metrical biography of Saint Gall, and authored other works.  
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