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The Christian Institute Effatha 3.10.1988

 The Christian Institute Effatha is a school for the deaf in Zoetermeer onOctober 17 1888 was established as the Christian Institute for the deaf Effatha by Prof. L. Lindeboom, Rev. J. Vonk and Rev. H. Basher.
Prof. L. Lindeboom struggled to find the right teachers to find. The  deaf students were given lessons in his own home. Only in 1891 was Effatha own building  Langebrug 87 in Leiden  . The growth of the number of students Effatha had to move to the former in 1899  orphanage "Bethel" by Rev. Eigeman, the Wolwevershaven to Dordrecht  . The students lived internally. The head of the school and his wife served as house parents. In 1902 Effatha moved to the property "Hainaut" Gravenstraat Dordrecht.
In 1926 Effatha bought a large area, Corner Burg and Arentsburg in Voorburg  , for over 100,000 guilders. The 97 students, 10 teachers, the house father and mother and eight servants moved to the new location. There was an auditorium that served as a theater and church. The students were given gifts from donors in Voorburg. Effatha received enough money from the government. Therefore, the foundation "Friends of Effatha" was established to raise funds. Today, this foundation gives money to charities such as schools for the deaf in developing countries.
During the Second World War, a coach house Corner Castle was destroyed. A portion of the building Arentsburg also was heavily damaged by a bomb. The auditorium was converted into an emergency hospital for the care of the wounded.

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