Thursday, July 3, 2014

Australia 16.10.1972 - Tenth International Congress of Accountants

A 7c stamp was issued on 16th October, 1972, to mark the Tenth International Congress of Accountants which was opened in Sydney on that date.

The stamp design shows a grouping of numerals and portions of an abacus and a computer circuit representing the advances made in accountancy techniques. Main background colours in the stamp are blue and green-blue. Other colours used in the stamp are orange and black.
The 7c Tenth International Congress of Accountants stamp was designed by Mr. Gordon Andrews of Sydney and was printed by multicolour photogravure in sheets of 100 stamps on paper incorporating luminescence at the Note Printing Branch of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Melbourne.  

Mr. Andrews also designed two official first day covers for this stamp issue using themes from his stamp design. One cover showed the abacus with a background of computer circuitry and the other first day cover design presents a pattern of numerals.

A special postmarker was provided from 16th to 21st October, 1972, at a temporary post office at the venue of the Tenth International Congress of Accountants.

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