Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Singapore 8.11.2013 - Fashion - Singapore France Joint Stamp Issue

Singapore has grown from strength to strength and it is brimming with resources. The nation has become a prosperous economic crossroads, bolstered by its rapid technical industrialization and its strategically-located commerce port at the door to Asia. As a major producer and consumer of fashion, Singapore has started to gain a key position as a fashion capital in Asia. Today, the fashion industries actively promote the creativity of young local talent. 

Beautifully illustrated in these stamps issued on 8.11.2013 are the sophisticated fashion’s in France and Singapore, with the cultural costumes of Singapore done in a tasteful fashion. Singapore's vibrant and multicultural heritage has allowed many traditional costumes to be still worn and commonly seen throughout the island, especially during the festive seasons.

Shashi sent me this lovely cover.

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