Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denmark 16.5.1974 - Pantomime Theatre in the Tivoli Garden’s in Copenhagen

This Danish stamp issue of 16.5.1974 depicts the delightful Pantomime Theatre in the Tivoli Garden’s in Copenhagen.

The Pantomime Theatre (Danish: Pantomimeteateret) is an open-air theatre located in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. As indicated by the name, it is primarily used for pantomime theatre in the classical Italian commedia dell'arte tradition which is performed daily. Besides this original function, the theatre leads a second life as a venue for ballet and modern dance.

The Pantomime Theatre is Tivoli's open-air silent stage (as depicted on the stamp). Every night, the Chinese Peacock Theatre presents a drama without words of the romantic love between Columbine and Harle-quin, with the foolish clown Pierrot as the eter-nal guardian of Columbine's virtue.

The pantomime came to Denmark from Italy in 1800 at a time when it was popular and widely performed all over Europe. Naturally, Tivoli also wished to introduce this attractive entertainment, and it has been a tradition in Tivoli since 1844.

As in silent movies, the humour is slapstick: blows and falls, silly mistakes and cunning rudeness. This is combined with graceful steps and a special sign language, which replaces dia-logue in Tivoli's pantomimes.

Many of the plays performed today are several hundred years old and date from the time when travelling troupes of actors toured Europe. Today, the Pantomime Theatre operates only in the summer season and for the rest of the year a majority of the performers are employed at the Royal Ballet.

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