Monday, June 2, 2014

Australia 6.4.1981 - APEX

The Association of Apex Clubs of Australia is the collective name given to the 330 individual Apex Clubs (service clubs) throughout Australia. An Apex club is a community service club, neither sectarian nor party political, that provides young civic minded people the opportunity to volunteer within the community as well as develop personally through club run schemes such as public speaking competitions. Club members are volunteers between the ages of 18 and 45. 

The Apex Foundation does not receive direct government funding - it remains an example of Australians helping other Australians in a spirit of good citizenship.

The first Apex Club started in Geelong in 1931 when three architects attempted to join the Rotary Club of Geelong. As Rotary has a rule restricting one profession to each club the three architects - Ewan Laird, Langham Proud and John Buchan went on to form the Apex Club of Geelong.
Up until the early 1990s Apex only allowed male members. From this point until the 2006 National Convention, each Club had the choice of whether their Club was gender specific or mixed. It was decided at the National Convention of 2006 to merge the gender specific clubs (and boards) into one and for all clubs to accept members of both genders to their clubs.

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