Saturday, May 24, 2014

Luxembourg pavilion at the Bruxelles Expo in 1958

Further to my post of 20.5.2014 here’s another look at the World Expo at Bruxelles in 1958. Yhis fdc is about the Luxembourg pavilion at the Expo.

Luxembourg’s pavilion theme states”Small is beautiful too”. It illustrates the country’s population and geographical reality (500,000 inhabitants on a 2586 sq km surface) and is at the same time relating to the general theme of the World Expo “Better city better life” representing the wish of humankind for a better living in future urban environments.

The”Golden Lady”  as a symbol for universal peace is gracing the pavilion entrance on a 3 m high pedestrial.

To embrace the powerful pavilion architecture  and allow for easy visitor flow, French communication agency “Auditoire” developed an exhibition concept based on media and colour coding to introduce the diversity of Luxembourg country, economy and people.

Thank you Maria.

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