Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Mthatha, formerly Umtata, is the main town of the King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality in Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The town has an airport, previously known by the name K. D. Matanzima Airport, after former leader Kaiser Matanzima.
The settlement existed in the 1870s as a buffer-zone, in response to reported tensions between Pondo and neighbouring groups, and in 1875 a magistrate's office was opened, the first magistrate appointed that year being a man named J F Boyes. The settlement developed during the next few years, becoming a military post for the British colonial forces in 1882. The town itself was founded in 1883, along the banks of the Mthatha River. Nearly a century later, the Mthatha Dam was constructed about eight kilometers upstream of the town. Mthatha became the leading administrative center of the area, having both Anglican and Catholic cathedrals. It also became the seat of the traditional authorities and a parliament building for this purpose known as the Bunga, was erected.
The four stamps on the FDC feature the (8c) City Hall, (15c) The Bunga, (20c) Botha Sigcau Building & (25c) the Palace of Justice and the K.D.Mantanzima Building.
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