Saturday, May 3, 2014

Centenary of the Danish Trade Unions

The stamps on this first day cover were issued on 22.1.1998 commemorate the Centenary of the Danish Trade Unions. The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions  was founded in 1898 and is an umbrella organisation (the largest of the three national trade union centers in Denmark) for 18 Danish trade unions. 
The Danish labour market is, to a great extent, regulated by the various players in the labour market themselves, as opposed to by legislation. Under the Danish model, employers and employees reach voluntary collective agreements on pay and working conditions. The trade unions play a pivotal role in the Danish labour market, and there is a high level of union membership among Danish workers.
Trade unions assist with cases regarding pay and working conditions and can help in connection with work-related injury cases, rehabilitation and much more. Some trade unions can also offer personal consultancy and career planning or offer discount schemes on petrol, shopping centres, insurance, etc. These offers vary according to the industry with which the trade union is associated. 
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