Thursday, May 8, 2014

1953 Health issue

The 1953 NZ Health issue stamps were issued on October 7, 1953. They are two of the ONLY four Scout stamps using Morse Code.  The Boy Scout stamp spells out the words "New Zealand Health" and the Girl Scout stamp spells out "Health" with dots and dashes in the border design.  The message is barely visible around the edge.
As the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Girl Guides association was celebrated in 1953 it was felt that a stamp design incorporating a girl guide or some aspect of guiding would be appropriate for the 1953 Health stamp issue.

Two designs by James Berry were selected for use on the stamps - one depicting girl guides and the other boy scouts.  Signalling is one of the subjects both guides and scouts were taught, so inscriptions in morse code were introduced into the designs.  The dots and dashes at the top of both stamps represent the word 'Health', down the sides of the 2d + 1d stamp they read 'New Zealand'. The proceeds of the 'Health' value of these Health stamps were donated to the Children's Health Camps movement.

1 1/2d + 1/2d
Girl guide marching with a flag held aloft and bearing the girl guide symbol.
2d +1d
Typical scout camp scene with a boy scout boiling a billy.

Thank you Maria for this nice health issue FDC.

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