Monday, May 19, 2014

10th Anniversary of The Nordic House - The Torshavn Folk Music and Jazz Festival.

The Nordic House is the most important cultural institution in the Faroe Islands. Its aim is to support and promote Nordic and Faroese culture, locally and in the Nordic region.
Erlendur Patursson (1913-1986), Faroese member of the Nordic Council, brought forward the idea of a Nordic cultural house in the Faroe Islands. A Nordic competition for architects was held in 1977, where 158 architects participated. Winners were Ola Steen from Norway and Kollbrún Ragnarsdóttir from Iceland. By staying true to folklore the architects built the Nordic House to resemble an enchanting hill of elves. The building is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Scandinavia. The house opened in Tórshavn in 1983.
The Nordic House is organized as a cultural organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Nordic House is run by a steering committee of 8, of which 3 are Faroese and 5 from the outside Nordic countries. Also there is a local advisory body of 15 members, representing the Faroese cultural organizations. For a 4-year period, the steering committee appoints a director of the house.
The stamp on this fdc is one of a set of three issued to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of The Nordic House, Torshavn on 8.2.1993. The three stamps of this set are about The Torshavn Folk Music and Jazz Festival. 

Thank you Merja.

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