Sunday, April 6, 2014

200 Years of bonds between the United States and the Netherlands 20.4.1982

In 1782 John Adams, later to become second President of the United States, was America's first Minister Plenipotentiary to Holland. In the same year came formal recognition by the Netherlands of the United States as a separate and independent nation, along with badly needed financial help that indicated faith in its future.
These loans from Friesland and the United Provinces, which have been called "the Marshall plan in reverse" were the first the new government received.
For more than 200 years the bonds between the United States and the Netherlands have remained strong. Our diplomatic ties constitute one of the longest unbroken diplomatic relationships with any foreign country. These Dutch stamps on First day cover commemorates that very Anniversary.
Whereas, 225 years ago, on the 19th of April, 1782 in the City of the Hague, the Ambassadorial credentials of John Adams were officially recognized by Prince William V of Orange and the States-General, thus establishing formal diplomatic ties between the new government of the United States and the Republic of the Netherlands. Whereas the historical ties between the Dutch and American people go back nearly 200 years earlier to the period when the Pilgrims resided for almost 11 years in the Netherlands before sailing to the new world, the diplomatic ties between the governments of the United States and the Netherlands are the longest continuous ties between the United States and any country of the world.

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