Saturday, March 29, 2014

Medicinal Plants of Transkei

The indigenous people of Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa depend on the natural plant resources from their environment for medicine, food, pastoral, cultural and religious needs. This area, mainly inhabited by the Xhosa people, has remained ethnobotanically unexplored until recently. The present investigation among the herbalist, traditional doctors, herb traders, tribal priests and other knowledgeable local people recorded medicinal and other uses of 35 plant species. This firsthand information points out the importance of local flora to tribal groups and modern people of Transkei. In spite of western influence, the Xhosa people of Transkei still believe in the efficacy of herbal medicine, and prefer to use these traditional remedies currently.

These four lovely stamps were issued in Lusikisiki, Transkei on 15.4.1981 to popularise the medicinal plants in the province. The cover and the postmark are very pretty too. Thank you Maria.

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