Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Educational Institutions in Ciskei

This impressive FDC has four stamps depicting the educational Institutions in Ciskei. The details about them are given in succeeding paragraphs.
(10c) Lovedale was a mission station and educational institute in the Victoria East division of the Cape Province, South Africa (now in Eastern Cape Province). It lies 1720 feet above sea level on the banks of the Tyhume River, a tributary of the Keiskamma River, some 2 miles north of Alice. The station was founded in 1824 by the Glasgow Missionary Society and was named after Dr John Love, one of the leading members of, and at the time secretary to, the society.  
(20c) The University of Fort Hare is a public university in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It was a key institution in higher education for black Africans from 1916 to 1959. It offered a Western-style academic education to students from across sub-Saharan Africa, creating a black African elite. Fort Hare alumni were part of many subsequent independence movements and governments of newly independent African countries.
(25c) The name Healdtown is most strongly associated with a Methodist mission station 11 km north-east of Fort Beaufort, 13 km north-west of Alice and slightly north of the main road linking the two towns. The University of Fort Hare lies to the east of Alice. Healdtown, Alice and the university all fell into Ciskei during the years of its so-called independence.
In 1855 Sir George Grey established a school of industries there (providing £3 000 in imperial funds for the purpose), and in 1867 a training institution for teachers and theological students was founded with the help of James Heald of Manchester, treasurer of the Wesleyan Missionary Society. The station was named for Heald following generous financial contributions from him.
(40c) This is another training institute in Ciskei named Lennox Sebe Training school.
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