Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day 20.1.2014

Valentine's Day stamps were also released on 20th January, depicting teddy bears. The Bear Friends mini sheet (on the displayed FDC) consisting of six 1st class stamps illustrate endearing teddy bears around the themes of friendship and remembranceHenna Takkinen, a graphic artist from Kemi, who designed her first ever stamps, knows the theme thoroughly; after all, she describes herself as a teddy bear artist. Through the stamps, Takkinen wishes to convey the ideas of universal peace, love and caring

“Teddy bears have taken me on an endless adventure, everything is possible in their world. I want to share through art a teddy bear world of universal peace and love. Through stamps that message of caring and friendship can be shared with the world,” says Henna Takkinen, describing her artistic vision.

The layout of the Bear Friends stamp is designed by Markku Kyröläinen, also from Kemi.
Teddy bears are a passion around the world. Not just of children but, of adults as well. A friend of mine in Finland is absolutely passionate about them, and has a huge collection of teddy bears. 

Thank you Ella for this lovely FDC.

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