Monday, January 27, 2014

Multi- stamp issue on 7.4.1960

These four stamps you see on the special cover, were part of a multi- stamp issue on 7.4.1960. The details of the topics on which these were issued are given below :
(50c) World Refugee Year. Many refugees remained in camps almost fifteen years after the end of the Second World War. This was seen as disgraceful by those who had suffered greatly during the war and those who were concerned about their situation. It was at this point that the United Nations launched a program to resolve the refugee problem once and for all. 1959-1960 was announced as World Refugee Year. The aim of this project was to 'clear the camps'. It achieved some significant results, especially in Europe. By the end of 1960, for the first time since before the war, all the refugee camps in Europe were closed.
(10c) 50 Years of Fight against cancerA stamp printed in Switzerland from the "Fight against cancer" issue shows inscription in 3 languages.
(20c) 500 Years of University of Basel. Back before our calendar began, Basel had already been occupied by the Celts. In 30 B.C. the city's strategically favourable position led the Romans to station its military forces on the hill now occupied by the cathedral.
One key event in the development of the city was the founding of the University in the year 1460. Many of Europe's greatest minds came to Basel, which became a veritable centre of humanism and book printing.
(75c) Swissair 1960. Swissair, S.A./AG (Schweizerische Luftverkehr) was the national airline of Switzerland. It was formed from a merger between Balair and Ad Astra Aero (To the Stars), in 1931. For most of its 71 years, Swissair was one of the major international airlines and known as the "Flying Bank" due to the financial stability of the airline, causing it to be regarded as a Swiss national symbol and icon. The airline thrived into the 1980s, when it was one of the "big four" Western European airlines. It was headquartered at Zurich Airport and in Kloten.

Thank you Maria for this lovely FDC.

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