Thursday, January 23, 2014

1960 World Refugee Year

The United States  1960 4¢ World Refugee Year stamp was issued on 7.4.1960 at Washington, DC. Along with USA many other nations  joined in issuing stamps to symbolize their participation in the United Nations’ World Refugee Year. TheU.N. proclaimed International Refugee Year from July 1, 1959, until June 30, 1960. 

The stamps were issued to bring attention to the hardships of millions of people who were still displaced over a decade after the end of World War II. The stamp design shows a family heading from darkness toward a bright doorway, symbolizing escape from oppression into a new life.

In 1958 – 13 years after World War II ended – there were still displaced people living in refugee camps. An idea started in the United Kingdom and was rapidly picked up by the United Nations and many other nations – individual countries helping refugees. Through the efforts of the participating nations, tens of thousands of people returned home.

Thank you Merja for this nice FDC with a wonderful theme.

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