Tuesday, December 24, 2013

100th Anniversary of the first official airmail post in Germany 13.9.2012

The special stamp on this First Day Cover issued in Berlin on 13.9.2012 was to commemorate “Stamp Day”. Every year Deutche Post celebrates the "Day of the Stamp" with a special stamp. In 2012 the stamp issued was dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the first official airmail post in Germany.

The premiere of the official "Air Mail" was on May 19, 1912 commemorating the "Mannheimer flight day" celebrations. After the show pilots of the special flight went with their aircraft on an overland flight to Heidelberg, and two of them from Heidelberg landed on the racetrack.

On these flights between Mannheim and Heidelberg and back, post was delivered by the German Reich Post for the first time officially. There was an "official airmail card" for 20 Pfg that was only sent  when it had been handed to the flight crew, or posted in the city in a special mailbox. The card bore the special "Airmail Mannheim-Heidelberg 05/19/12 * 2-3 * N".

Thank you Marco for this interesting FDC.

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