Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Robinson Jeffers 13.8.1973

U.S.  8¢ Prussian blue and multi coloured stamp on this cover Salutes the American poet who, early in life, studied medicine and forestry. His poetry has been described as "hard to love, hard to forget." The most famous of his poems was Be Angry At The SunThe first day of issue postmark is from Carmel, CA dated 13.8.1973.

Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962), a remarkable student with a world-class education, Jeffers moved to Carmel, California, in 1914. Jeffers drew inspiration from the great beauty of this setting. He won fame with Tamar, a collection of his verse published in 1924. Other notable works include Roan Stallion and Dear Judas, as well as his adaptation of Euripides’ tragedy Medea.
Thanks Merja.

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