Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This issue of four different stamps by the USA, were originally printed as a se-tenant, and focused attention on the need for pollution control and made it clear that only a massive effort would help in solving the perilous pollution problems in our air, water, soil, and cities. The stamp was released at San Clemente, CA on 28.10.1970.

What is pollution? When something is added to the environment which is very harmful, poisonous or fatal to the animal, people surrounding it and other living things is called as pollution. In simple term pollution is a contamination by a chemical or other pollutant that renders part of the environment unfit for intended or desired use. It is triggered by industrial and commercial waste, agriculture practices, day to day human activities and most notably, modes of transportation and many the other sources. Pollution has many forms; it may be chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light.
Some most common types of pollution are; Air Pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution, and Solid waste.

Thank you Merja for this lovely FDC.

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