Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Battle of Brooklyn 10.12.1951

This violet coloured 3¢ Battle of Brooklyn US stamp issued on 10.12.1951 at Broklyn, NY, commemorated the 175th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn. The stamp pictures U.S. General George Washington evacuating his troops near the Fulton Ferry House.

The Battle of Brooklyn (also known as the Battle of Long Island) marked the first fighting between the Continental and British armies of the Revolutionary War. It was also the largest battle of the war. British General William Howe commanded an army of 32,000 backed by the powerful British fleet. In August of 1776, the British force attacked General George Washington and his army of 20,000. Washington’s troops lacked the military training of the British soldiers, and the General had no navy. It’s estimated the Americans suffered about 2,000 casualties, while British losses were less than 400.

Although the Americans lost the Battle of Brooklyn, they showed the determination that eventually won the war. In one notable instance, a Maryland regiment of 400 men fiercely attacked a well-defended British outpost. All but nine died. However, their valiant efforts bought General Washington the time to gather his remaining troops for a retreat across the East River. British soldiers occupied Brooklyn until 1783.

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