Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anniversary and Events in 24.9.1973

The five stamps on this first day cover from Cyprus commemorate five different anniversary and events in 1973 that were relevant to Cyprus.

The first stamp is about the 60th Anniversary of Cyprus Boy Scouts.
The second one commemorates the 25th Anniversary of Cyprus Airways.Cyprus Airways Public Ltd, operating as Cyprus Airways, is the national airline of Cyprus, a public limited company with its head offices located in the capital of the island, Nicosia. It operates scheduled services to 19 destinations in Europe and the Middle East. In summer months the airline also operates some charter flights mainly to the United Kingdom and Greece. It flies from its hub Larnaca.

The third stamp is about the 50th Anniversary of Interpol. The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO, French: Organisation internationale de Police Criminelle – OIPC), or INTERPOL, is an intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation. It was established as the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC) in 1923 and adopted its telegraphic address as its common name in 1956. The organization's headquarters is in Lyon, France. It is the second largest intergovernmental organization after the United Nations by member states.

The fourth concerns Cyprus’ Association with the E.E.CCyprus enjoys today one of the most advanced relationships among the third countries that are associated with the European Union. Cyprus initially showed an interest to establish an Association Agreement with the EEC in the early sixties in parallel with the British application for full membership to the EC. However with the freezing of the British application, its interest remained dormant until 1971 when it was reactivated almost simultaneously with the renewed efforts of the U.K. to join the European Community. Cyprus entered in 1971 into negotiations with the Community which were to lead to the signing on 19th December 1972 of an Association Agreement between the two parties. The final scope of the said Agreement was the completion in two stages and within a period of ten years of a Customs Union between Cyprus and the EEC.

And the last stamp commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the World Food Program. The World Food Program was established in 1961 by the XVI General Assembly Resolution 1714 as an experiment to be undertaken jointly by the United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Thank you Merja for this wonderful FDC.

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