Monday, September 2, 2013

President Sauli Niinistö's 65th birthday - the person and the position 23.8.2013

Itella Posti Oy released a stamp to mark the 65th birthday of Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland, on August 23, 2013. The stamp was designed by Tapio Vapaasalo, professor emeritus at Aalto University.
According to Professor Vapaasalo, the aim was to design a stamp that emphasizes the value leadership of the President. "The selected style reflects Sauli Niinistö's personality and position in an identifiable way. The goal was to avoid pageantry and to emphasise his republican state of mind." 
I wonder what reader's feel about the black coloured background on the stamp? For a birthday stamp any colour other than black would probably have been more suitable. That's my view any way!
As an exception to previous presidential stamps, Niinistö's birthday stamp is based on a photo instead of a traditional portrait painting. The stylish black-and-white photo by Pertti Nisonen presents the president in profile, which, according to Vapaasalo, gives an impression of being above everyday things.
The President's slogan Kaikki työ on arvokasta - Allt arbete är värdefullt (‘All work is valuable') has been printed on the sheet of stamps as well as on the FDC.
Thank you Dear Ella for this memorable FDC.

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