Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aland's Popular Music Festival 12.7.2013

A great many music events are arranged in Åland during the summer months. The Post focuses on two of them in 2013 with the issue of two action-packed and lyrical stamps on 12th July, 2013. I liked the postmark a lot because, I've always liked the electric guitar, even though I really can't play it :-))
Island in the Sun was first arranged in August 2008 on the small archipelago island of Jurmo in the municipality of Brändö. Organizing the festival is a non-profit volunteer organisation working to promote a wider and better range of music life in Åland, especially in the archipelago. Lasting for two days in July, the festival has grown each year with a 2012 record of 800 visitors and more than 100 volunteers. With Island in the Sun, the organizers have a vision of creating an idyllic and sustainable archipelago festival worth its price, offering a variety of art, music and summery activities.
The Rockoff festival has been arranged in Mariehamn every summer since 1997. Arranged at the Town Hall square until 2002, the festival was relocated to Mariepark in the western harbour in 2003. Since 2007, the festival is back on the Town Hall square. For 9 days at the end of July every year, Rockoff attracts up to 40 000 visitors, tourists and locals alike. Most of the artists performing come from Sweden and Finland but, during the course of years, world-class performers and local bands alike have met the crowd from the most popular stage in Åland. 
FOR ALL AGES. Rockoff is a festival for all ages; playing activities like a jumping castle, games and a steeplechase course are available for younger visitors, and adults can choose from a number of food services on the festival area. Many visitors enjoy the performances from the top restaurant with a clear view of the main stage.
SAME BUT DIFFERENT. Despite close points of similarity between the two music festivals they vary on many points, a fact that photographer Daniel Eriksson has succeeded in catching on the stamp photos. While Island in the Sun is a smaller and more intimate type of festival with slightly more alternative bands, Rockoff is larger, lasts longer and presents artists with a wider audience.

Thank you My Dear friend Ella for this wonderful FDC.

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